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DDD Melbourne is an inclusive non-profit conference for the Melbourne software community

Call For Presentations (CFP)

We welcome sessions from any software related topic and from anyone in the software industry (you don't have to be a developer!). Previously we have had a wide range of sessions including Agile, building great teams, UI design, UX, software testing, virtual reality, women in tech, web accessibility, open source software, workplace culture, mental health, unconscious bias, building engaged teams, self-employment tips, mentoring, Scrum, pair programming, bots, IoT, machine learning, neural networks, quantum encryption, security, reverse engineering, blockchain, Assembly language, automated deployments, mobile development, mobile test automation, Domain Driven Design, cloud native, architecture, microservices, serverless, service meshes, stream programming and Rx, APIs, GraphQL, actors, JavaScript, SPAs, TypeScript, authentication, React, UWP, Elm, HTML, HTTP protocol, Git, Docker and pointers.

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We want to encourage people that wouldn't normally speak at conferences to give it a go! We do this by:

  • Having an enforced code of conduct to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.
  • Having anonymous session voting; we will only show the title, abstract and tags of a talk to voters to remove unconscious bias.
  • Having long (45 mins) and short (20 mins) talk options.
  • Accepting a broad range of technical and non-technical topics related to the software industry; if voters think your talk is interesting, it's in! You don't have to be a developer to submit a talk (or attend); we welcome everyone in the software industry.
  • Encouraging submissions from multiple presenters as well as solo presenters.
  • Providing a free mentoring service; we have a bunch of experienced speakers who are happy to have a confidential chat with you to run through any ideas you have or give safe and constructive feedback.
  • There will also be free speaker training and support for all speakers, so first timers, juniors, and everyone else are all encouraged to submit and will have support!
  • Allowing speakers to opt out of question & answer time at the end of their presentation if they don't feel comfortable doing it.

This year we are using Sessionize to track submissions - this provides a great experience for speakers since you can resubmit talks submitted to other conferences that use Sessionize (e.g. NDC Sydney and the other DDD conferences in Australia) and you can update your profile and session information at any time.

Other things to note for presenters:

  • Speakers get free entry into the event
  • You will likely be speaking to an audience of between 50-150 people.
  • We are not interested in sales/vendor pitch presentations although you are welcome to have a slide or two about yourself and your company.
  • You will probably have internet access, but you should have a backup plan in case it's unavailable.
  • We will open voting at Wednesday 8th November 2023 5:00PM; if your presentation gets voted in and you agree to present then this is a serious commitment.
  • Questions? Fire off an email and we'll get right back to you :)

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