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DDD Melbourne

DDD Melbourne is a non profit community event run by developers, for developers & will be held on Sat Aug 8th 2015


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Green ATC 101 - main hall Blue AMDC 301 - level 3 Red AMDC 501 - level 5 Orange AMDC 501 - level 5
8:30 Registration
9:00 Welcome and house keeping
9:10 Keynote - From Burned Out to Burning Passion and Reverse
Iris Classon
10:00 Morning tea
10:15 Bad ideas are the best ideas
Aaron Powell
Security in ASP.NET Web API v2
Pratik Khasnabis
Immutability, State and Scale - Functional, Distributed Applications in Azure
Mahesh Krishnan & John Azariah
Hack Yourself First - Part 1
Troy Hunt
11:00 Change over
11:15 What we learnt analysing 1.5 million Tech Job Ads (and how we did it)
Terence Siganakis & Carl Joseph
F# - Why you should give an F
Daniel Chambers
Octopus Deploy and how to stop deploying like an idiot
Damian Brady
Hack Yourself First - Part 2
Troy Hunt
12:00 Lunch (atrium next to library)
13:00 Don't say f%&k in front of the client and other war stories
William Tulloch
Taking other people's money: The state of payments in Australia
Ben Cull
What happen when I run my app? the first milliseconds…
Cristian Prieto
Edge.js: Node and .Net Interop- a Koan Workshop - Part 1
Iris Classon
13:45 Changeover
14:00 Offline First - HTML5 Offline technologies for a better, faster web experience
John Allsopp
Why All of the Cool Kids Are Talking Xamarin
Stephen Kennedy
Introduction to Domain-Driven Design
Jorge Fioranelli
Edge.js: Node and .Net Interop- a Koan Workshop - Part 2
Iris Classon
14:45 Afternoon tea
15:00 Keeping agility in enterprise-level development
Hannah Gray
Adventures of C# developer in JavaScript world
Igor Gorelik
OWIN, Katana, Helios...What's Going On?!
Emad Alashi
15:45 Changeover
16:00 Locknote - How to Go on the Cyber-Offence (before online attackers do)
Troy Hunt
17:00 Giveaways and wrap-up
17:30 Afterparty at The Glenferrie Hotel Hawthorn

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