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Welcoming, keynote and closing are held in the Main Hall.

We're still in the process of finalising our agenda for 2018:

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8:00 Registration
9:00 Welcome and house-keeping
Main Hall
9:15 Keynote - Dayle Stevens
A Day in the Life of a CIO

Main Hall <a href="" class="targetBlank"></a>

In this keynote Dayle will share her insights into a day in the life of a CIO, what she does each day, & what she needs & looks for in her teams & those around her. You will learn about the mindset of a CIO, what engages them & what distracts them, and how to approach them & grab their attention on the things that you care most about.

Dayle Stevens is an award winning technology executive, being named in the CIO50 list as one of Australia’s top CIOs, twice winning the Australian Computer Society Digital Disruptor Award, twice a finalist in Australia’s premiere business women’s awards, and winning a #TechDiversity Award.

Dayle joined AGL in Februrary 2018 as a Divisional CIO, leading the transformation of the Corporate & Operations technology services and part of the larger transformation taking place at AGL.

Previously Dayle was at NAB, where she was a Divisional CIO providing the technology services for NAB’s Corporate Operations divisions. Outside of work Dayle is a Non-Executive Director at Robogals Global, an international not-for-profit volunteer organisation aiming to engage young women in engineering and technical education and careers.

Dayle is also an Ambassador at Girl Geek Academy, a global movement encouraging women to learn technology, create startups and build more of the internet. Dayle has been a personal mentor in the Queen’s Young Leaders Programme since 2016, and in 2018 is a tutor for the Programme based at Cambridge University in the UK

10:00 Morning Tea
10:30 Jason Taylor
Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 2.1 Main Hall <a href="" class="targetBlank"></a>

The explosive growth of web frameworks and the demands of users have changed the approach to building web applications. Many challenges exist, and getting started can be a daunting prospect. Let's change that now.

This talk provides practical guidance and recommendations. We will cover architecture, technologies, tools, and frameworks. We will examine strategies for organizing your projects, folders and files. We will design a system that is simple to build and maintain - all the way from development to production. You leave this talk inspired and prepared to take your enterprise application development to the next level.

Jason is an SSW Solution Architect and full stack developer with over 17 years professional experience. He is currently specializing in teaching and building awesome applications utilizing ASP.NET Core, EF Core and Angular. Jason loves a challenge and is skilled at progressing from a proposal into a well-defined, coded, and tested solution.

Laura Summers
UX for Developers Yarra Room

Everyone has great design ideas! (Seriously)! But not everyone has the vocabulary to communicate them. This session is for devs who are curious to learn more about UX Research and Design, so you can work more effectively and collaboratively with your design peers.

Join me for a crash course on UX terminology, methodologies and outputs, and we'll even squeeze in a few fun hands-on activities. Sharpen your sharpies, unbox the post-its, it's time to share the UX love!

Laura is a multi-disciplinary designer working across user experience research, design and front-end development for startups. Asking questions, unpacking assumptions and trying to get to the bottom of things are some of her favourite activities - supported by methodologies all the cool kids are using, such as Lean, Agile and Design Thinking. She's a passionate advocate for improving diversity in technology and ensuring our workplaces are welcoming and inclusive. Also: cats rule, dogs drool.

Rian Finnegan
A Practical Introduction to Quantum Computing Supper Room

Quantum computing takes a giant leap forward from today’s technology—one that will forever alter our economic, industrial, academic, and societal landscape.

This presentation will cover the theoretical basics of quantum computing; the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit and Q# programing language; and some important applications of quantum computing.

Rian is a Software Engineer with Microsoft's Commercial Software Engineering (CSE) team, and focuses emerging technologies like Blockchain, Mixed Reality and Quantum Computing.

J. Rosenbaum
Mixed Reality and Art Junior Dev <a href="" class="targetBlank"></a>

This talk is about mixed reality technologies, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and how they can be beneficial to artists and exploring art in depth. I will go behind the code to the amazing things this technology currently does, what it can reveal and how it is currently being used for good and for ill. I will also discuss how easy it is to get off track on your project, as an artist or as a developer and what we need to bear in mind as we navigate the different streams of development and art

I am an artist and a developer, and will be pitching this talk for people who are interested in both or who would like a new way to look at existing technologies to see the potential beneath. I speak with the experience of someone who has developed my own Augmented Reality applications and used it to create award winning art.

This talk brings value in terms of looking at the way we currently approach technologies as to how we could be approaching them and is a light and fun introduction to mixed and immersive reality options.

J. Rosenbaum is a contemporary figurative artist working in 3D modeling and exploring the boundaries of technology and art. Their most recent work has been in exploring the nature of Non Binary Transness and their own genders and sexuality. Well known for being a painter of nudes, Rosenbaum has recently undertaken a masters degree and changed focus to more technologically based digital art using physics based rendering, Deep Neural Networks and Unity to develop an Augmented Reality mobile application. Following a car accident that impaired Rosenbaum’s mobility they have turned their mind inwards exploring the nature of humanity, religion and gender through art. The human body has always been a source of fascination in Rosenbaum’s art with a focus on mythical and archaeological stories driving their progress. This fascination has continued with their newest Computer Generated works with a basis in classical art and history. J is an American working from their home in Victoria, Australia with their partner and child and two cats.

Mike Nam-Lee
Finding your soul-workplace Junior Dev <a href="" class="targetBlank"></a>

Choosing where to work is stressful and it's tempting to go with the first company that gives you an offer. I'll go through key factors you should consider when making this hard choice such as company culture and tech infrastructure.

Mike is a Software Engineer at Qwilr.

11:15 Changeover
11:30 Mai Nguyen
Let’s go Serverless Main Hall

What is serverless but a server in disguise?

In this talk, we will see how embraced serverless technology a year ago by launching its first ever serverless app using AWS and discuss about the technical hurdles faced, challenges resolved and victorious moments!

With insights on the choice of going serverless, what type of applications thrive and those that suck, what tools, techniques and pitfalls we faced in this journey, this talk will help you regardless of where you stand - deciding to go serverless, have little knowledge about what it is or to learn about solving similar issues you might be facing today.

Energetic, enthusiastic and detail-driven, Mai is a developer at Strong believer in sharing knowledge, she has a passion for helping girls build their self-confidence and reach their full potential both in life and future careers.

She is also a lead co-ordinator for Code Like a Girl through which she reaches out to hundreds of women in technology and kids by conducting workshops in a goal to help them have a career in STEM.

Jaime Febres
Advance Programming with TypeScript Yarra Room <a href="" class="targetBlank"></a>

Discovering TypeScript for most people is a mind-blowing experience.

Strong typing, refactor-friendly codebases and a pleasant language that closes the gap between full-featured backend languages and Javascript.

But it's that all TypeScript has to offer? Definitely not!!

TypeScript is much more than that and I will help you discover those extra features are so that you can step-up your TypeScript skills to the next level.

Hello, my name is Jaime, I'm a peruvian software developer living in Brisbane and currently working as a Senior Developer at Readify.
I am passionate about software development and really enjoy presenting and sharing my excitement and knowledge with everyone.

Ben Cull
This Startup Life: A Developer's Mistakes and Tips Supper Room <a href="" class="targetBlank"></a>

It's been 552 days since I had the arguably dumb idea of trying my hand at a startup. Little did I know the sheer volume of learning I'd be doing in the future, from basics like cashflow and forecasts to life lessons like always be talking to new people.

In this talk I tell the story of how I went from a full time .NET Developer, to a struggling and then mildly successful startup owner.

We'll explore how I made the transition from full time employment to self-employment; we'll look at many of the mistakes I've made and how to avoid them; and we'll go through some practical tips to get you started on your own startup journey. My first tip? Learn from other people's experiences!

Ben Cull has left the comfortable consultant lifestyle at SSW Australia for the untamed mountains and treacherous valleys of the startup world with his payments platform, Pinch Payments.

He has extensive experience developing enterprise web solutions, but is now free to apply his efforts to the bleeding edge of today's technologies. He wrestles with Alphas, fights with betas, and reminisces with RTMs so that you don't have to. You can find him talking at conferences around the world about his favourite topics: Payments, Web, and Beer.

Oh boy the beer! If you get caught anywhere near him, you'll definitely get into a discussion about either beer or brewing :)

Rhiana Heath
The 5 W's of Accessibility Junior Dev <a href="" class="targetBlank"></a>

This session goes through the What, Why, Who, When and How's of accessibility in terms of a web development project. Accessibility in this context being how useable your website is to someone who has a permanent or temporary disability. It goes through the main types of disabilities and how these effect someones experience when accessing the web.

I then will go through some ways to test your website for accessibility and how to fix those problems you encounter. This is with some short code examples (junior level) and can also include a demo testing of a real live site.

The main focus is on the development side of accessibility, as that is where my experience is, but also from the UX, design and project management view point as well. As making a project accessible requires the whole team to work together,

By the end I expect my audience will have a better appreciation of how to more effectively design a website with accessibility in mind so more people can access it.

Rhiana is a front end developer specialising in making web sites and applications accessible for people with disabilities. Combining her background in educational psychology and a love of computers.

12:15 Lunch
13:15 Kieran Jacobsen
The Boring Security Talk Main Hall <a href="https:/" class="targetBlank"></a>

Troy Hunt and Scott Helme have spoken about all the exciting security things, so let’s talk about the boring bits! When we think about application and infrastructure security, we often think about the big shiny things and forget the boring bits.

In this talk, we’ll look at the security of our package dependencies, CI/CD tools, how we send email and even resolve hostnames.

Over the last few months, hackers have managed to inject cryptocurrency miners into all these places. Security incidents in these components might not result in an entry in Have I Been Pwned?, but they'll result in a bad day.

Kieran Jacobsen is the Head of Information Technology at Readify and a Microsoft MVP for Cloud and Datacenter Management. Kieran maintains several PowerShell modules, supports Planet PowerShell (, and writes the Posh Security ( blog. Kieran is a regular speaker at a various conferences and user groups including Infrastructure Saturday, CrikeyCon, Azure Global Bootcamp and Experts Live.

Brendan Richards
Full Stack Rx - Using Redux Patterns on the Server Side with .Net Core, and SignalR Yarra Room

Imagine you had something really important to tell everyone but weren't allowed to speak up until asked.
That's how all web servers and WebAPIs with their HTTP Request/Response cycle operate.
SignalR, built on WebSockets, changes this client-server relationship from "speak only when spoken to" to a fully bi-directional communication.
This is amazing, but can also generate a lot of asynchronous events. Fortunately, we've got some great tools for handling asynchronous events....

Like many developers, I first started using the Redux and Observable patterns developing client-side JavaScript / Typescript Single Page Apps.
But Rx and Redux libraries exist for many languages.
This talk explores implementing Redux behind a SignalR hub on an ASP.Net Core web server, adding predictable state management to the real-time capabilities of SignalR.

Solution Architect at SSW Brisbane, Open Source Evangelist and builder of many websites.

Brendan is a Solution Architect at SSW Brisbane and has been delivering successful web projects across diverse platforms and technologies since 1999.
He currently spends most of his day coding for clients with occasional breaks to deliver training SSW FirebootCamp or speak at .Net User Groups and Hackdays.
A few of his favorite things include Linux, Open Source, .NET Core, Angular, ngrx and Elastic Search.

Prakriti Mateti
8 lessons in 8 years Supper Room

Want to know the 8 toughest obstacles I faced in my first 8 years in tech and what I learned from them?

Some of the stories I will tell are very close to my heart. Some touch on the most vulnerable situations of my life and career. Join me in examining my failures and discussing what I’ve learned.

I’ll share my experience with finding my voice, learning how to recognise that a job isn’t working out, figuring out what I want and learning to ask for it, dealing with personal problems that affect work, and navigating the confusing world of self worth and imposter syndrome.

I am an Engineering Team Lead at Zendesk. I care deeply about gender diversity and inclusion in tech, code quality, engineering culture, and what makes a team work well together.
I’ve been fortunate to work with a diverse group of people in my time in tech so far and have journeyed across hugely different tech cultures. I’ve made plenty of mistakes along this journey and this talk was born out of my introspection of those mistakes.
I like travelling, food, reading, and dream of flying my own airplane (if I can get away from Netflix)

Andrew Hore
Getting Started With Git Junior Dev

Git is an extremely popular tool in the software development world, but due to its sometimes confusing command line syntax and general reputation for being unfriendly, it can be difficult and intimidating for newer developers to learn and understand how to use it.

In this talk, I’ll explain how to use Git from the ground up. I’ll explain commits, branching, merging, rebasing, and maybe more, with lots of examples to show what’s really happening when you tell git to do something, and which situations you would use these commands in.

You’ll leave this talk not just knowing what Git is and what it does, but will also have an understanding of which commands will best solve the problems you might run into. You too can be “that developer who knows git”!

I’m a software developer from Melbourne, currently working at PageUp.
PageUp was my first job as a graduate, and in the three and a half years I've been there I’ve worked in both devops and on client facing webapps, gaining a bunch of experience in C# .NET, AWS, and AngularJS. When I started, I was mentored by a very friendly senior developer, which helped with my confidence and made me feel welcomed. I’ve tried to pass on that experience by mentoring new developers on my team, helping them learn and improve as they’re starting out.
I've always wanted to try and expand that to helping other developers outside of my workplace, so I’ve become a part of Melbourne’s developer and meetup community, having regularly attended DDD Melbourne, presented at DDD by Night, and attended ALT.NET and OWASP meetups. If given the opportunity, presenting at DDD Melbourne will be another step along that path!

14:00 Changeover
14:15 Damian Brady
Intro to Machine Learning Main Hall

What exactly is machine learning? And more importantly, will I understand the answer without doing a Masters and a PhD? Sure!

Join me, a fellow AI/ML-newbie, as I walk through what machine learning is, how it can be applied in your applications, and how you can actually create predictive models without accumulating a massive HELP debt in the process.

We'll start at the basics by talking about what machine learning can and can't do, but by the end, we'll have a working example of something actually usable. Chock full of examples and a totally non-scary amount of maths, this is the session for you if you're new to ML.

Damian works for Microsoft as a Cloud Developer Advocate, specializing in DevOps.He's an Australian speaker, author, and developer recently based in Toronto, Canada, but now back home! Formerly a Microsoft MVP and Octopus Deploy developer, he regularly speaks at conferences, User Groups, and other events around the world. But most of the time you'll find him talking to developers and IT Pros to help them get the most out of their DevOps strategies.

Allison Ravenhall
Inclusive front-end development with WCAG 2.1 Yarra Room <a href="" class="targetBlank"></a>

Ten years after publishing the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, the W3C has just released v2.1.

In this fast-paced session, find out how new criteria affect your code. Be among the first to learn how to be an super-inclusive front-end dev.

Allison is a Digital Accessibility Sensei at Intopia, helping organisations create inclusive websites and apps.

Abhaya Chauhan
What has 4 years of AWS Microservices taught me? Supper Room <a href="" class="targetBlank"></a>

50+ developers pushing a 20 year old monolith towards a highly distributed system. I want to share what 8 development teams learn on this journey.

I am an AWS expert, specialising in DynamoDB and the serverless movement. I have been working with AWS for many years, and am extremely passionate about about the impact it has had on the software industry.

I spend a lot of time working with SaaS product companies, helping them discover and leverage their core technology strengths.

I have been developing software for over 15 years, ranging from consulting, startups, in house development and building products.

I’ve worked with a range of technologies, mainly including .NET, and Javascript. Mentoring, coaching and learning is a big part of what I do, and I am incredible passionate about it.

Currently working at PageUp as a Senior Technical Advisor.

Yi Fei Wu
Getting Paid, An introduction to Stripe

Junior Dev

Do you want to take payments from customers? Learn how to use Stripe to easily accept credit cards and more.

Former biomedical researcher turned software developer. Currently working at Zendesk.

15:00 Afternoon Tea
15:30 Rob Crowley
Service Meshes - Powering the next wave of microservice architectures Main Hall <a href="" class="targetBlank"></a>

Microservices and containers have transformed application design and deployment patterns. Modern cloud native architectures - which underpin many of the world's groundbreaking tech companies such as Uber, Netflix and Airbnb - afford unparalleled levels of agility and scale but are not without trade-offs. In applications comprising hundreds of services (and thousands of service instances), concerns such as security, operability and observability pose significant challenges. Supporting compensating capabilities such as circuit breakers, retry policies and service discovery in each microservice adds undesirable code bloat and impacts our ability to choose the best language for the problem at hand should the required libraries not be available.

In this session, we will take an in-depth look at the service mesh pattern; the benefits that a decentralized microservice management approach brings; the best practices that have evolved; and most importantly what you need to know to effectively leverage a service mesh in your architecture:

  • How to determine the suitability of a service mesh for your application context. Don't just drink the cloud native Kool-Aid!
  • Disambiguate the overlapping responsibilities of an API gateway and service mesh in a modern architecture and demonstrate how they can be used in harmony.
  • How a service mesh enables choosing the best tool or language for a given service without being constrained by the availability of libraries for each platform. Effectively it's a weight loss plan for your microservices.
  • What techniques to apply when transitioning to a service mesh based architecture.

Additionally, we will take a hands-on look at what is involved to build and manage a microservice architecture leveraging Kubernetes and Istio, a leading open source service mesh. By the end of the session, you will not only understand the concepts underpinning the service mesh pattern but also have the knowledge to put them into practice.

Rob is a software consultant, developer and team lead with a passion for delivering systems that perform at scale. Rob has over 15 years of experience building distributed systems on the web stack and has read more RFCs than he cares to admit. Rob is an active member of the Perth IT community and regularly shares his ideas at various Meetups and conferences around Australia and internationally. He is also a co-organiser of DDD Perth, the largest IT conference in Western Australia.

Ryan Preece
Modern JavaScript For Web Dinosaurs Yarra Room

Back in the day, you'd roll out some jQuery and build websites with the best of them. But nowadays terms like "Webpack" and "React" and "Node" kept cropping up, and the new code you see looks nothing like the JavaScript you thought you knew... Uh oh - you've become a web dinosaur!

If you've been out of the game for even a little in frontend development it can be a huge trial to get back in. In this session I'll take you on a trip from basic jQuery all the way up to React and explain how we got from Point A to B. It'll be packed with examples - so not matter what year your JS knowledge is from, you'll walk away feeling less like an extinct dinosaur and more like a state-of-the-art web developer.

Ryan has been building stuff with code for 10 years, and has spent the last three of them with Readify in Melbourne. He's mostly a .NET tragic with a bit of everything else mixed in - and he's never met anything he couldn't automate.

Amanda Dean
Modern Testing for Modern Developers Supper Room

Just like development tries to move away from ineffective and inefficient approaches, testing has evolved since the days of heavyweight, formal test cases, and large test teams working in isolation. Testing is no longer the exclusive task of testers, but instead is becoming a whole team responsibility, perhaps with the assistance of a test coach.

As such, developers need an understanding of modern test techniques, and how they can use them across the development lifecycle. These include exploratory testing, using customer risks to drive your testing, and what to invest your human test effort on in a world where you automate everything

At the end of this talk, audience members will have an understanding of, including applications and benefits of:

  • Manual, human testing
  • Risk-based testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • Automated testing
  • The benefits of all these, and how these can all be used together in waterfall, agile and DevOps environments

Amanda is a test manager who works with teams and people to help them better test their software and networks. She is passionate about testing, and about the people within technology, particularly around building and transforming people, teams and practices. Since she fell into testing nine years ago, she has gained a diverse range of experience including fields such as satellite internet, health insurance and alcohol manufacturing, which has led to a relatively eclectic approach to testing and technology.

Amanda is an active member of the Melbourne, Australia tech community, and never passes up an opportunity to learn something new.

Sirani McNeill
Web Application Security in Software Development Junior Dev

Demo and learn how to find security threats in your code in Open Web Application Security (OWASP) on Kali Linux and how you can get started with freelancing in bug bounty.

Software Developer and Web Application Security expert

16:15 Changeover
16:30 Anthony Borton
How Microsoft does devops Main Hall <a href="" class="targetBlank"></a>

This is NOT a session about MS DevOps tools. This is the story of how the VSTS team transformed from shipping an on-premise server product every couple of years, to shipping a cloud service multiple times a day. In the process, almost everything about how this team of 800 people work has changed.

We had to figure out how to do agile at scale, how to transform into a microservice cloud architecture, complete restructure of teams and roles, threw out a suite of 10’s of thousands of tests and started over, went from almost 0 telemetry, to 8+TB/day and figuring out to do anything meaningful with all that data. Many mistakes were made along the way, and lessons learned that I’ll be sharing.

Anthony is a DevOps Architect in the Global DevOps Customer Advisory Team at Microsoft. He is passionate about helping teams succeed in their DevOps transformations and he been a community advocate for many years.He's an avid traveller and enjoys flying his drone when he can find the time.

Aaron Powell
Securing Single Page Applications Yarra Room <a href="" class="targetBlank">www.aaron-powell.comm</a>

We’ve been spending more and more time developing applications that run in the browser, Single Page Applications, SPA's, and more recently Progressive Web Applications, PWA’s. But with more code running client side what changes do we need to make to how we write applications, test applications and secure applications?

So how do we write a secure SPA? What do we do with our security tokens, client-side data, track vulnerabilities in our dependencies or implement trust between the client and server?

In this talk, we'll deep dive into some practical solutions on how to create secure modern web applications.

Aaron is a technical person at Readify and Microsoft Front End Web Dev MVP. By day he spends his time in all facets of .NET development and by night he explores crazy ideas like writing your own implementation of numbers in .NET, creating IoC in JavaScript or implementing tic-tac-toe using git commits.

Tama Waddell
Railway Oriented Programming: C# Edition Supper Room

Do you ever feel dirty when adding if statements and try catches to your code to handle basic errors, catch exceptions and/or log events?

Maybe your code started off as a few basic lines but then blew up into a nested mess of branches after you handled every expected error. Or maybe you're envious of your functional programming friends and want to learn something new?

We've already seen the introduction of functional programming techniques when it comes to lists and events in procedural languages. In this talk, I'll show you another technique functional programmers use to handle errors and how you can apply it yourself.

Popularised by Scott Wlaschin on his site F# for fun for profit. I bring the concept to C# with practical examples and an easy explanation without the functional jargon. This technique has been battle tested and I'll gladly share the pros and cons as well as solutions to common situations you may face.

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to streamline your code to write clean, happy path programming where the business objective can be quickly understood.

Tama is a 30 year old software developer who's been programming since he was 15. He's currently working as a consultant at Readify and has spent the past year educating, uplifting teams and solving business problems. He would like to share what experiences he's has introduced to the team and the feedback he's had from his community.

Valentin Carmignac
TDD, Coding Dojo and stuff Junior Dev

Ever wondered how to get better at coding but didn't know where to start?
Would you rather learn as a group with like-minded developers?
During 45 min I'll introduce you to Test Driven Development (TDD) and will talk to you about Coding Dojos, the learn-by-doing practice groups

Fullstack developer @ Ippon Australia, I Have a strong interest in frontend technologies and coding best practices. Mentor at NodeGirls Melbourne, I run the monthly Coding Dojos

17:15 Thank you and wrap up
18:00 After Party

The Carlton Club
193 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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